Realistic MMO Shooters

It seems like realistic ‘tactical’ MMO shooters are getting more and more popular these days. Every single major game publisher seems to have their very own ‘tactical’ shooter. Aeriagames has Wolfteam, ijji has Alliance of Valiant Arms, Netgame has Operation 7 and there are many more examples. In fact, ijji has like 5 MMO Shooters, which is a bit ridiculous. All of these games are fairly realistic, as players tend to die in one or two ‘good shots’. What’s not realistic is that nearly every MMO shooter these days have ‘free for all’ game modes, which don’t make any sense. When does a real life soldier find himself having to kill everyone around him? lol?. Free for all makes no sense for an MMO shooter.

The only realistic MMO shooter I know of is America’s Army and that’s because it’s developer by the United States Army. The game was designed with one thing in mind, and that’s hyper realism. There are no stupid free for all game modes -every game mode involves two teams. The gameplay is realistic, and the game focuses more on team work than anything else. In games like Combat Arms, players can play ‘rambo’ style and end up killing dozens of enemies. Things like that aren’t possible in America’s Army. Anyone who plays ‘Rambo’ will find themselves quickly dying in America’s Army.

Games like Quake Live are fun, but they aren’t realistic at all, which is a turn off for me at times. When I’m playing a shooter, I want it to be as realistic as possible. Not bouncing off the walls and ‘rocket jumping’ shenanigans. I’d like to see some of these new MMO shooters transform into a browser game, as my hard drive is getting filled. Quake Live and Earth Eternal sort of proved it was possible to run a 3D game through a browser, so why hasn’t it taken off yet?

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