Better Fighting MMOs

I’m a huge fan of the Super Smash Brothers series on the Nintendo consoles. As a fan of MMOs as well, I’d love to see some more high quality free to play MMO fighting games. As is, the only fighting MMOs out there are Rumble Fighter, PlanB and Splash Fighters. That’s it. With over 200 free to play MMOs and MMORPGs, there are only 3 fighting games. What’s worse is that none of these games are popular.

I can’t quite understand why there aren’t any good ones. After all, there are tons of awesome MMOFPS games like K.O.S. Secret Operations and Soldier Front, which are a lot like Counter-Strike, but no fighting games. The folks behind Splash Fighters are releasing an ugpraded version of the game called –GetAmped 2, but that doesn’t look great either. I really can’t understand why some MMO Developer can’t just copy Super Smash Brothers. Anyone that did that would certainly create a hit game. Sure, it’s a bit sleazy to copy another game, but it hasn’t stopped games like Runes of Magic and Allods Online from copying World of Warcraft.

It seems like the only really ‘great’ MMOs are either shooters of MMO Sports games. Everything else tends to suck (At least in my opinion). The only really popular MMOs are MMOFPS games, which is probably why no one’s rushing to develop a fighting game. It’s actually quite fun. Nearly 70% of all games ijji publishes are MMO Shooters – and they have like 4 new MMO Shooters coming out.

Am I the only one wanting a good fighting MMO?

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