Fake Sci-Fi MMORPGs

We all know that fantasy MMORPGs dominate the MMORPG space – so whenever I hear learn about a sci-fi MMORPG, I get a bit excited. That excitement quickly dies down when I realize that the game is actually a fantasy MMORPG labeled as a sci-fi one. A sci-fi MMORPG should have sci-fi components, not fantasy ones. RF Online for example, lables itself as a sci-fi game, but is for ALL intensive purposes a fantasy game. Proof? Simple. The environments look the same as any other 3D fantasy MMORPG. Most characters use melee weapons like swords and the some ranged classes use bows. That’s right bows in the future. Yeah. You’d think in the future, you’d be doing epic space battles, but not in RF Online. You get to beat the crap out of random cute critters outside of town. In fact, there’s nothing ’sci-fi’ about RF Online.

To be fair, RF Online isn’t the only ‘fake’ sci-fi MMORPG. I played Anarchy Online just the other day. The game’s intro got me excited, as I saw my character in a space station. Upon logging in though, I was quickly disappointed.  My character looked like an Orc, and my starting weapon was a ‘flimsy mace’. Apparently civilization has mastered space travel, but the mace is still the weapon of choice amongst the populace. Yeah. That also makes a lot of sense. There are already 100+ fantasy themed games out there, so you’d imagine that the few sci-fi games would actually try to be different, but they don’t.

If I wanted to play a fantasy MMORPG I’d play something like Soul of the Ultimate Nation or Dragon Oath. When I want to play a Sci-fi game, i’ll probably stay away from MMORPGs, as there are no real sci-fi MMORPGs out there. There are a few Sci-fi MMOs though. Games like Exteel and S4 League are fun sci-fi MMO shooters.

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