Better Fighting MMOs Please!

There are easily 4 or 5 major free to play ‘fighting’ style MMOs out there – but unfortunately, they all suck. I apologize for the crude language, but there’s no point in tip toeing around the issue. The first fighting MMO I played was Rumble Fighter – and it was.. well… quite a disappointment. After hearing the term ‘fighting MMO’ I was quite gitty with excitement – as I was hoping for a Super Smash Bros style game – but online with MMO elements. I mean come on – how awesome does that sound? To my disappointment though Rumble Fighter wasn’t nearly as good as I had hoped – as it’s absolutely NOTHING like Super Smash Brothers. It has the same concept to an extent – but it’s far too slow paced and graphically… ugly. The game is by no means ‘terrible’, but it’s not great either.  At first I thought It was my high expectations that made me dislike Rumble Fighter – but it turns out that nearly every other fighting MMO also sucks!

The second free to play fighting MMORPG I played was Splash Fighters. Like Rumble Fighter – the premise of the game is the same. Beat up your opponents in either 1v1 battles of a free for all with many players. Splash Fighters was remarkably similar to Rumble Fighter – except with a few minor differences. The most notable one being that Splash Fighters has a LOT more playable characters – or ‘classes’. Rumble Fighter has four classes while Splash Fighters has a cool 15. I Guess for that reason alone – Splash Fighters is superior to Rumble Fighter.

Aside from Rumble Fighter and Splash Fighters – there are two other major free to play fighting games out there. They are Lost Saga  and Mini Fighter Online. These games play a bit different than the other two fighting games – because they’re a bit more unique. Mini Fighter Online is 2D and plays a lot like street fighter while Lost Saga is a team based game with a boat load of game modes. I personally enjoyed both of these games significantly more than Rumble Fighter and Splash Fighters.

I’m surprised there are no fighting MMOs out there that play like Super Smash Brothers. It can’t be that hard to copy Nintendo’s epic brawling game, could it? I mean – there are so many copy cat MMORPGs out there, so it makes no sense to me that no one ported Super Smash Brothers to an MMO yet. Heck – the folks that made Runes of Magic did an excellent job copying World of Warcraft and the company who made LaTale did a great job copying MapleStory – so why can’t these companies copy Super Smash Brothers?

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