All In One MMORPG Account

Sometimes I wish that every single free to play MMORPG was easily accessible on ONE website. I’m not talking about an MMORPG Review site like MMOHut – I’m talking about one massive MMORPG game publisher. Instead of Aeria Games publishing 8 or so games and OG Planet 4, Gamers First publishing 5 – imagine ALL of these games being published on ONE site. There are easily 120+ free to play games out there so this would make sense. I mean, just like at this huge list of MMORPGs. Some of you may be asking – who cares or why? Well – the reason is simple.  As a hardcore MMORPG gamer myself – I’m getting a bit tired of having to make new accounts at every single game publisher. Right now, I’m playing Dungeons and Dragons Online quite a bit over at Turbine, but if I wanted to start playing… say Shaiya or Last Chaos I would need to make an account over at AeriaGames. If I wanted to play Cabal Online or Rumble Fighter I would need to make an account over at OG Planet. I don’t know about you – but keeping track of a few dozen username and passwords for all of my various accounts is NOT something I find desirable.

The ‘solution’ to this… whacky system would be some sort of ‘universal’ log in where MMORPG gamers could make ONE account somewhere and use that account on EVERY SINGLE free to play MMORPG Game. It’d be interesting if one game publisher just published every single game, but that likely won’t be happening anytime soon – so the only real way to accomplish this would be some third party service (Hopefully free!). It would sort of like the OpenID of free to play MMORPGs. If you haven’t heard of OpenID – it’s a service that basically lets you create an account with them and lets you use that account at thousands of different websites (Like Yahoo, AOL, Google, BBC, Myspace and many many more!). I’m surprised that no such standard exists for this market yet – as I’m personally fed up with having to micro manage dozens of accounts. What makes the current system even more confusing is that sometimes games like NosTale, Lunia and LaTale have multiple publishers, which can only add to the confusion.

Anyway – Someone make an awesome new system to fix this little headache – please!

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